January 29, 2008

View to a Kill

I recently moved to a new apartment. This is the view from my bedroom. After serving four years in my prison-esque former home, I am finally living large, and I'm loving every minute of it.

Today I purchased a 52" Bravia KDL-52X5000B for the living room. It arrives this Thursday -- the morning Smash Bros. Brawl releases, one day before LOST season 4 begins, and three days before Super Bowl XLII (go Giants). It's gonna be an amazing weekend. :)

Work is good, too. We're working on some pretty exciting stuff for 2008. I wish I could say more about that, but as always, lips must remain sealed until games are in stores...

How are you all doing?

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January 04, 2008

Dragon Quest IV: Completely Destroyed

I spent most of my free gaming time these past six weeks playing through the new DS remake of Dragon Quest IV, and late last night, I finally completed it. I mean, really completed it. As in:

- Finished the post-game bonus chapter and got the "happy ending"
- Found every monster in the game and completed the monster picture book
- Got all of the small medal prizes in the game (found 69 small medals in all)
- Got all of the casino prizes I actually cared about
- Brought the immigrant town to its final form and completed all related sub-quests
- Got the two bonus immigrant town citizens from Jump Festa 2008 (Hassan from DQ6 and Setia from DQ Swords)
- Got all of (new party member)'s best equipment in chapter 6
- Defeated the bonus dungeon bosses in under 10 turns to get the final immigrant town citizen

In short, I went nuts with this game. And I loved every minute of it. :)

My final stats (translations below the photos):

1. After completing the game once and getting the normal ending:

Clear time: 31:43
Total battles: 1,127
Defeated enemies: 3,010
Total gold: 140,636
Battles won: 1,096
Battles lost: 7
Battles fled: 22
Biggest hit: 332
Hero's level: 35
Rank: "Celestial Wielder"

2. After completing chapter 6 and getting the happy ending:

Clear time: 43:17
Total battles: 1,897
Defeated enemies: 4,814
Total gold: 334,485
Battles won: 1,861
Battles lost: 8
Battles fled: 26
Biggest hit: 395
Hero's level: 51
Rank: "Thanks for playing to the end!"

3. My final stats, just before powering off for good:

Total playtime: 43:54
Total battles: 1,901
Defeated enemies: 4,824
Total gold: 336,987
Battles won: 1,865
Battles lost: 8
Battles fled: 26
Biggest hit: 395
Undiscovered monsters: 0
Rank: "Grand Monster King"

It's been a while since I've really sunk my teeth into a game like this, but Dragon Quest gets me every time. It's by far my favorite RPG series -- I can only pray they never make an MMO version, or I'm going to be in real trouble...

BTW, Happy New Year everyone!

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